What Are Some Games Appropriate for 5-Year-Old Kids?


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Many game types are appropriate for five years old kids, such as board games, active games and video games. Amazon serves as a good source for board game ideas, Birthday Party Ideas 4 kids recommends many active games and Common Sense Media selects great video games for all ages.

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What Are Some Games Appropriate for 5-Year-Old Kids?
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Sequence for Kids, Hoot Hoot Owl and Scrabble Junior are some of the board games most recommended by Amazon for children in the 4 to 7 year range. Birthday Party Ideas 4 kids suggests many traditional games like Simon Says and Red Light Green Light, but also includes things like cartoon tag, giant games and scavenger hunts. Common Sense Media breaks out its video game listings by category, and then lists each game with a minimum age for which it is appropriate. Categories include, but are not limited to, adventure games, sports games, physics games and green games.

Sequence teaches pattern recognition and color association. Hoot Hoot Owl is a cooperative game that teaches color matching and social interaction. Scrabble Junior has letter tiles like the original adult version of scrabble, but also uses picture matching to help kids learn letters. None of these games require reading to play.

With cartoon tag the tagged child calls out a cartoon or becomes the person who is "it." For giant games, a game board is created using sidewalk chalk, and the kids are encouraged to think creatively to invent rules and act as the game pieces. Scavenger hunts are good for smaller groups and allow children to explore their world and learn to pay attention to details by finding items assigned to them by adults.

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