What Are Some Fun Weekend Activities for Teenagers?

fun-weekend-activities-teenagers Credit: Bernard Jaubert/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Teenagers enjoy fun weekend activities to hang out with their friends, sometimes involving physical activity that lets them expend lots of energy. Weekend activities involving sports or arts can help teenagers stay occupied in a healthy way without getting into trouble.

Teenagers who need something to do on the weekends should plan time to hang out with friends, possibly at the home of someone who needs cheering up. Going out for an inexpensive dinner is fun for teens who are just getting used to having some independence. Radical Parenting suggests adding entertainment or an activity that ties in to the dinner to make it even more fun; for instance, teens could go out for Mexican food, then attend a salsa dance class.

On a hot weekend day, teens should consider taking part in water-based activities. Active Outdoors recommends going to the beach or hanging out at a local pool. Teenagers can take advantage of student discounts to museums, aquariums and zoos. Revisiting the site of elementary school field trips can allow teenagers to see both the exhibits and their own pasts with a fresh set of eyes. Active Outdoors also recommends weekend activities for teenagers that include concerts, music festivals, plays, movies and sporting events.