What Are Some Fun Things to Do As a Teenager?

Fun activities as a teenager include starting a family tree, creating a home video collection or starting a new club. Activities like organising a carnival, marathon or walkathon, or planting a garden can also be great fun for teens.

To start a family tree, the teen begins with his own parents and siblings. He works backward from there to as far back as he can find names and dates. The experience of contacting distant relatives to ask for information can be enjoyable and enriching. Send out real or virtual copies of the final version to everyone included in the tree.

Teenagers can also document family events, either with videos or photographs. This encourages them to attend family events and mingle with everyone. The photos and videos can then be collected and viewed with the whole family.

Forming a new club can provide many hours of fun. Teens can set up schedules for meetings and find a place to meet, ideally in the home of one of the club members. The members can come up with their own mission and list of planned activities with the guidance and limited involvement of a parent or responsible adult.

Another fun thing to do is to organize a carnival or fun fair for the community. This can be done in collaboration with a church, a charitable or social organization, or the county or municipal government.