What Are Some Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids?

Turn children's favorite outdoor activities into safe indoor games to keep them busy on rainy days. Set up a tent in the living room and pretend you're camping all day, or organize a scavenger or treasure hunt throughout the house. Play hide-and-seek or the classic outdoor game "Sardines," in which one person hides and everyone else seeks. As each seeker finds the hidden person, he must cram into the hiding space too.

Artistic and creative projects can keep children occupied for hours. Enlist children to help create a family scrapbook, arranging photos in a book and adding their own drawings and written accounts of favorite memories.

Kids who love to read and write enjoy creating their own books. Help them write stories, illustrate them and create covers for their work.

Older children can take part in an all-day marathon cooking session, helping plan and prepare their favorite meals to be frozen for later.

Another option is to set up miniature tabletop versions of favorite sports. Create soccer or hockey nets by turning small open boxes on their sides, and use small balls or buttons to stand in for soccer balls or hockey pucks. Kids can use their fingers to "kick" the ball or use crayons to act as hockey sticks.