What Are Some Fun Pig Facts for Kids?


One fun fact about pigs is that they are extremely intelligent, smarter than both dogs and 3-year-old humans. Another fun fact is that, contrary to popular belief, pigs are actually quite clean.

Studies show that pigs have very high cognitive abilities, far beyond those of dogs and very young humans. Research conducted by Stanley Curtis of Penn State University found that pigs are even capable of playing video games with a joystick. Pigs possess a strong sense of direction and are capable of finding their way home over long distances. A study conducted by Suzanne Held at the University of Bristol found that pigs are very good at remembering where food is located. They also communicate constantly with each other, and researchers have identified 20 different pig vocalizations that are used under different circumstances.

While pigs are commonly perceived to be dirty animals, they actually enjoy being clean. If they have enough space, pigs make sure not to dirty up the areas where they eat and sleep. Pigs don’t sweat and they enjoy bathing in mud and water to keep cool. Pigs actually prefer water to mud, according to PETA. The organization reports that one woman even built a shower for her pigs, who then learned how to turn the device on and off by themselves.