What Are Some Fun Ideas for Certificates for Kids?


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Fun ideas for certificates for kids include recognition for silliest story teller, strongest hopscotch player, best fashionista and most outrageous outfit. Certificates or awards can also recognize the best joke teller, the wildest dancer and the student with the most interesting collection of items in a locker.

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Parents can create funny certificates for kids that include "Favorite child of the day" or "Best pooper scooper." Kids may also enjoy certificates from friends that detail their favorite qualities about each other, such as the oversharer, the loudest burper and the goofiest friend.

Funny certificates can also recognize odd talents, such as kids who can touch their tongue to their nose, do impressions of celebrities or fall without getting hurt. Certificates can also poke fun at weaknesses by recognizing the most clumsy, the loudest speaker, the worst singer and the silliest dancer.

Classroom awards can also recognize interesting traits about students, such as the best hugger, the most talkative, the pen tapper and the procrastinator. Students may also enjoy receiving awards that recognize their strengths, like the friendliest student, the most honest student, the student who attended the most class sessions and the highest scorer on tests and assignments throughout the year.

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