What Are Some Free Fun Games for Toddlers?

Some fun games for toddlers include Count the Score Learning Game, Laugh and Learn Learning About Opposites and the Little People Animal Sounds Game, according to Fisher-Price. This company has a wide range of free games for children of all ages to play on its official website.

Games appropriate for toddlers are simple, use basic control commands and offer plenty of visual and audio interaction. These games should also impart some educational value to toddlers.

  • Count the Score Learning Game: This game practically plays itself with the little one selecting a sports player and pressing any enter to have the character kick the ball into the goal. Each goal earns a point, which is counted out loud by the game.
  • Laugh and Learn Learning About Opposites: A little more involved, Learning About Opposites shows an example of two opposites and asks the player to identify one by clicking on it.
  • Little People Animal Sounds Game: A fun sound rich game, Animal Sounds shows two animals on screen and plays the noise made by one of those animals. The little one must click on the image of the animal that makes that noise.
  • Bouncing Balls: Available on Knowledge Adventure, this shooting game lets players clear the level by shooting colored balls at clumps of the same at the top of the game page.
  • Connect the Stars: Another Knowledge Adventure game that allows players to connect the dots by clicking on stars in numerical order. At the end of each level, a cute image is revealed in the sky.
  • Balls and Boxes: A challenging memory game for players of any age, Balls and Boxes shows the little ones three balls in their boxes, then removes the balls and has the player put each one back in its original box.