What Are Some Fun Games for 3-Year-Olds?


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Online games such as "Shark Car" and "Bubble Puppy's Treat Pop," board games such as Count Your Chickens and Snug as a Bug in a Rug, outdoor activities such as sand play, water play, and bubbles, and indoor games such as Simon Says and pretend are fun and educational activities for 3-year-old children. A typical 3-year-old explores her world and learns new skills through play. Simple activities such as reading through toy catalogs often turn into fun games for 3-year-olds.

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NickJr.com offers a large collection of online games for preschoolers. Three-year-olds practice using the keyboard in "Shark Car" as they race along and collect special items. "Bubble Puppy's Treat Pop" encourages players to match shapes and colors as they pop bubbles to earn treats for the puppy. Count Your Chickens and Snug as a Bug in a Rug are noncompetitive board games that reinforce preschool concepts such as shapes, colors and counting.

Outdoor games for 3-year-olds are not limited to bubbles and sand-and-water play. Bug hunts, nature scavenger hunts and sidewalk chalk are also fun activities. Three-year-olds often enjoy games such as hopscotch, Marco Polo and tag as well. Mr. Potato Head, simple puzzles and magnetic dress-up dolls are some fun preschool games for inside. Three-year-olds also find pretend play with blocks, cars, toy appliances and dress-up clothes entertaining.

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