What Are Some Fun Babysitting Games to Play With Kids?


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Fun babysitting games to play with kids include pop the bubbles, silent count and lip syncing. Board games are another option for kids of the appropriate age.

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What Are Some Fun Babysitting Games to Play With Kids?
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For pop the bubbles, the babysitter blows non-toxic bubbles into the air. The kids pop as many bubbles as they can, and whoever pops the most is the winner. The kids can either take turns popping bubbles, or everyone can pop them at the same time.

In silent count, all the kids close their eyes. The kids then take turns counting, with one child saying a number and another saying the next number. This continues until the kids reach a set number. However, anyone can say a number, and there is no set order. If two kids speak at the same time, the count restarts. This game works well before the kids sleep, because it's calming.

To lip sync, the babysitter plays music and the kids take turns performing. She can also add props for them to use.

Board games include chess, Scrabble and Clue. Chess teaches kids to use strategy. Scrabble tests spelling skills and vocabulary. Clue tests problem-solving skills. Each of these games is appropriate for kids about 8 or older.

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