What are some fun baby shower games?


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Some fun baby shower games include a baby pool, in which guests place bets on the due date and gender, and a nursery rhyme trivia game. Guests can play a baby food guessing game, in which they taste different types of baby food and try to guess what they are.

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Fun and inventive baby shower games offer guests a unique way to feel involved in the celebration. One of these games involves making a board featuring the baby photo of every guest and then having them try to guess who's who. In the invitation, the party planner asks the guests to bring along one of their baby photos. This game, commonly known as "Who's That Baby," also serves as an icebreaker for any guests who don't know each other already.

Another fun baby shower game that places a special emphasis on the guests is "Baby Bingo." In this game, each guest receives a bingo card featuring different items on the mother-to-be's registry, and they play along as she opens her presents for the chance to win prizes of their own. One interactive, silly baby shower game is known as "Pin the Sperm on the Egg," a revamp of the classic children's party staple, "Pin the Tail on the Donkey."

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