What Are Some Fun Activities for Kids?

What Are Some Fun Activities for Kids?

Some fun activities for kids include a family movie night, board games, a potato sack race and limbo. These activities are ideal for younger children and parents as well.

A family movie night is a practical activity for a rainy day or any time when inclement weather makes playing outside difficult. Parents or kids can pick a movie that is appropriate for all ages or pick out multiple movies for a themed marathon. Blankets, popcorn and other snacks top off a family movie night perfectly.

A family board game night or just a friendly game between kids is a surefire boredom buster. Younger children often enjoy simpler games, such as Candy Land, while older kids can learn the intricacies of Monopoly and other classics.

For outdoor fun, a potato sack race is a great physical activity for kids. Also known as “gunny races,” this classic activity has been a favorite since the 19th century. Each player puts his or her legs into a burlap sack or sturdy pillow case and attempts to hop across the finish line. A three-legged race is another fun choice if no sacks are available.

Limbo is a classic luau game that is perfect for the backyard or the beach. The object is to see which player can lean back the lowest to walk under a stick, broom or any type of pole held horizontally at progressively lower levels.