What Are Some Fun Activities to Do During March Break?


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Some fun activities to do during March break include planning the summer garden, redecorating the house, going out for ice cream and going to a day camp. A family can also embark on a family vacation, such as skiing at the Smugglers' Notch Resort in Vermont or surfing at Kauai Surf School in Hawaii.

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A fun March or spring break can consist of small activities such as planting or planning a garden. Each member of the family has her own part of the garden or her own flower pot in which to plant whatever she wants. In conjunction with spring comes spring cleaning, which can turn into a fun activity if the entire family gets to redecorate as they work. For instance, repainting the kids' bedrooms can inspire a major cleanup.

There are also plenty of inexpensive, local activities that the family can enjoy, from going to a matinee movie showing to visiting the local zoo or aquarium. Those who live near rural areas can visit a farm. The family can take an outing to the nearest park for a picnic, a walk and to fly kites. Depending on the location, they can also go hiking or horseback riding.

For a more serious adventure, a family can take a family vacation to Florida or San Diego for some sunshine and swimming or to Vermont or Colorado for a last spin in the snow.

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