Which Fruits Should Be Avoided by Children Under 2?


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As soon as a child is ready for solid food — around 6 months old — parents can begin offering fruits and vegetables of all types; there are no specific fruits that need to be avoided until after age 2. Some parents may choose to start with vegetables instead to discourage a sweet tooth.

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When feeding children under 2 fruits, it is important to ensure that the food is offered in small chunks to minimize the risk of choking. Children this young may also not have all of their teeth yet, so choosing softer foods like bananas and berries may be helpful. Specially designed mesh feeders can make it easy to pop a piece of fruit in without having to worry about choking as well.

There is always a risk that a child will have an allergy to a new food. When introducing new fruits or other foods, it is a good idea to only introduce one food at a time and keep an eye out for any unusual symptoms like diarrhea, crying or a skin rash.

Honey should be avoided until after age 1 because the risk of contracting botulism is higher due to an underdeveloped intestinal tract in young children. Parents with a family history of food allergies may also wish to avoid those foods until the child is older.

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