How Do I Focus on the Family?


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Parents, a website dedicated to parenthood, suggests that some ways to focus on family are to stay organized, separate work and play time and plan ahead. Other suggestions include doling out chores to the children and planning fun outings.

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How Do I Focus on the Family?
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Organizing means making sure that there's a place for everything so that items are less likely to get lost at the most inconvenient times. Parents should have a key holder for keys or a designated bin for important, everyday things, such as keys and phones. Parents of younger children or infants should keep diaper bags ready to go at a moment's notice. This way it is less likely to be a last-minute scramble to find everything in order to get somewhere on time. Parents should make extra dinners in advance when possible so that potential family time is not wasted cooking everyday.

To keep the focus on the family, work time and play time should be separate. Parents that work from home should make sure to have a set schedule for work-related activities so that the work does not suffer and the kids still get to spend time with their parents. The same concept applies to working outside of the house. Phone calls and email checks from home should be kept to a minimum so the family feels important.

If the chores around the house are a cause of stress, tasks can be delegated to the children and significant other. This allows everyone to help out and puts less of a burden on one parent. Parents should also plan play days that consist of trips outside of the house so the kids have something to look forward to.

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