What Are the Five Love Languages of Children?


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The five love languages of children are touch, words, quality time, gifts and service, as stated by Kristen at BusyKidsHappyMom.org. Every child is different, and each places a different amount of importance on each of these five love languages, according to Dr. Gary Chapman of iMOM.com.

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Physical touch is often hugs and kisses from the child. It can also be other physical activities with the parents, such as being tossed in the air by dad or read to by mom while the child sits on her lap. Words of affirmation are extremely powerful to many children as well. These can be terms of endearment, praise and encouragement, or positive guidance to stick with a child as he grows older.

Quality time refers to time when a child receives his parents' undivided attention. It does not matter what is being done, but the child and parents are doing something together. Both giving and receiving gifts can express love for many years past the time they were given. The gifts that hold the most significance to children come to symbolize their parents' love for them.

Acts of service can also be strong expressions of love to many children. When a child is searching for love in this area, he asks his parents to fix something, as stated by Dr. Gary Chapman.

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