How Do You Fill Out a Child Day Care Application?

How Do You Fill Out a Child Day Care Application?

Parents will be asked to fill out a packet of forms when enrolling their child at a day care facility. These forms require parent contact information, emergency contacts, medical information and acknowledgments of certain facility procedures. Other programs may operate more like schools with extra information required, such as a personality profile.

The packets provided to parents may include official forms put together by the state's department of family services. Other forms in the packets are an application, medical statement, medical plan for treatment of specific conditions and a medication authorization form giving the facility permission to provide medications to the child.

The medical statement also requires an attached copy of the child's immunization records. Parents who need to fill out the medical plan will need to fill out a separate plan for treating each of the child's medical conditions. The same is true of the medication authorization form, and it also requires the child's doctor to fill out part of the form before the day care center will administer medications.

The day care center may give the forms to parents to take home and complete or to fill out in-person. Be sure to complete the forms in their entirety so that daycare providers have access to the information they need in case of an emergency or medical problem.

Parents will also be given an orientation and a review of fees. Depending on the facility, parents may be asked to pay for the first week in advance.