How Do You Fill Out a CCMS Childcare Application?

Residents of Texas can fill out a CCMS child care application by visiting a local Workforce Solutions office. The ability to search for a Workforce Solutions office is available through the official website for the Texas Workforce Commission under the Find Locations tab.

The CCMS child care services is a program provided by the Texas Workforce Commission. The program is designed to assist parents with the costs associated with child care. Requirements focus on the income of a parent, as well as whether or not the parent is receiving any type of public assistance. Applicants should keep in mind that there may be a waiting list in order to receive CCMS child care services.

The eligibility guidelines for CCMS child care services in Texas include a family is considered low income, a parent is receiving or in need of protective services, or the parent is either currently receiving public assistance or transitioning off of public assistance. The program focuses on children that are under the age of 13, except for in circumstances where the child has a disability. Parents of disabled children may be eligible for assistance until the child reaches the age of 19. The Texas Workforce Commission also establishes the share of the cost paid by the parents, the maximum reimbursement rate and the attendance polices.