How Do You Have a Family Prayer?


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There are many types of family prayers. Families often pray together at the dinner table. Some recite a memorized prayer together as a family before dinner.

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How Do You Have a Family Prayer?
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Prayers include love, petitions, thanksgiving or praise and worship. A prayer of petition makes a request to God out loud or in writing. A prayer of thanksgiving states what one is thankful for today. Praise and worship involves vocalizing prayers through song and music.

There is no one right form of prayer. Some families share a prayer together by going around the dinner table and stating an up, a prayer of thankfulness, or a down, a prayer of petition, for that day. Others draw a name of another family member to pray for during that week.

Family prayers adapt over time. Families can share memorized scripture, reflect upon what was read in silence, visit a prayer room in a church or participate in a praise and worship service. When families pray together they convey the importance of God.

Another way to pray together is to create a quiet spot in your house where family can sit together without those everyday distractions and pray. This prayer spot can have candles, a cross or crucifix, and a Bible or prayer journals. Spend some time alone in silence to think of prayers or thanksgiving, then hold hands and pray together out loud.

One idea to pray together as a family is to use technology to state prayers. Use email, text messaging or social media, such as Facebook, to send prayer requests to other family members. This is a great way to keep everyone involved in praying together. An example of a prayer of petition is to ask God to help your sick sister get well soon. About.com on Catholicism explains that a prayer of petition can address physical, as well as, spiritual needs.

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