How Has Family Life Changed?

The last 60 years have seen a drastic change in how a family is supposed to be viewed, all views of which stem from the idea that a family begins with a marriage. In the past, adults married young with the intention of starting a family; however, since the 1960s, there has been a continual decline in marital unions, according to TIME magazine. The modern family more often starts with children or co-habitation and maybe marriage later in life.

Family and marriage were once viewed in unison. To begin a family, one had to first marry, then begin raising children. Changes in American society have stemmed from its economic growth. Lower class citizens have a less successful marriage rate than their respective upper class counterparts.

Most work sector adult males are single and usually fathers. Some of which are still with the mothers of their children, while others are not. Many of the men who are fathers and living with the mothers work together with their significant others to make a stable home. Although they are not established in a marriage, they are still a family.

Upper class Americans have a more traditional approach to family. The successful marry the successful, according to Time. Their respective economic standings help in maintaining the longevity of a marriage. While together, they focus on building and creating a stable environment for the family they wish to begin.