What Are Examples of Things to Include on a Child Care Resume?


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Items to include on a child care resumé include a summary of qualifications, past work experience, education, references and personal contact information, says CVTips. It is also helpful, though not necessary, to include an objective subheading specific to a job advertisement.

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What Are Examples of Things to Include on a Child Care Resume?
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At the beginning of the resumé, include your personal contact information. This is your full name, email address, home address and phone number. Next, list the objective. In this case, it is to secure a child care position at a certain facility or with a certain family.

Following this, create a bullet point list of personal qualifications and skills that suit the job title; for instance, infant CPR training, interpersonal and communication skills and ten years working for a daycare. Next, write down your past education experience, including high school and university degrees, as well as pertinent certificates and diplomas. Don't forget to add these institutions' locations and the years of attendance.

The next section pertains to past work history. Be as thorough as possible, listing all relevant careers, their start and end dates and the position held there. Also mention relevant duties performed at these companies. Finally, add one or two professional references who can vouch for the skills listed on the resumé. References can be former co-workers or employers.

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