What Are Examples of Slang Words That Teenagers Use?

What Are Examples of Slang Words That Teenagers Use?

Examples of slang words that teenagers use include "tope," "frenemy," "busted," "YOLO" and "totes," as of May 2015. Teenagers develop and use slang words for various reasons, including a desire to separate themselves from their parents' generation.

"Tope" is a combination of the slang words "tight" and "dope," both of which are adjectives that describe something as cool. "Tope" also means cool.

"Frenemy" is a combination of the words friend and enemy. It refers to someone who seems like a friend, but is antagonistic.

"Busted" originally meant broken. It then became a slang word for getting caught doing something wrong. For example, if a police officer caught a teenager stealing, the teenager would be considered busted. The word then picked up another meaning, as an adjective meaning ugly.

"YOLO" is an acronym for the phrase "you only live once." It refers to enjoying life, even if it requires risky behavior. The word gained popularity after it was used by the rapper Drake in his song "The Motto." However, the phrase itself was used many times before then, including in songs by The Strokes and Suicide Silence. The Lonely Island, a comedy band, parodied the word in a song.

"Totes" means very. For example, saying something is "totes cool" means it's very cool.