What Are Some Examples of Parent Letters to Daughters?


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Some examples of parent letters to daughters are "Aaron Sorkin to Roxy" and "Tom Brokaw to Jennifer, Andrea and Sarah." Another parent letter to a daughter is "Ethan Hawke to Maya, Clementine and Indiana," in which Hawke wonders how many girls miss out on playing sports as children.

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Sorkin writes that he ran through red lights on the way to the hospital when Roxy was born. That he learned parenting skills, such as swaddling a baby, from others, he says. As Roxy grows, he worries about her health. Sorkin expresses pride that his daughter lives in a nice house and that he can pay for his daughter's education. He also urges his daughter to show kindness to others, and to always be thoughtful. Roxy has character, Sorkin writes, and a giant heart. As her father, he promises to never be far away.

In "Tom Brokaw to Jennifer, Andrea and Sarah," Brokaw writes that he is proud to be the father to his daughters. He adds that his grandchildren live in a family with a long tradition of caring for others. He encourages his children to spend Fathers Day reaching out to others that have lost their fathers to illness or war. Brokaw jokes about one episode on New Year's eve when his daughter's boyfriend drank his favorite drink. He also jokes about the trials of the teenage years, but notes that it's an honor to watch his daughters grow with grace.

"Ethan Hawke to Maya, Clementine and Indiana" urges his daughters to enjoy athletics. Hawke encourages his daughters to control their own lives. He urges his daughters to worry about courage and cleanliness rather than about boys, the past or dolls.

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