What Are Some Examples of Fun Alphabet Activities?


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Fun alphabet activities include making letters out of various materials, "eating" the alphabet and having an alphabet scavenger hunt. These activities not only help children to memorize the letters of the alphabet, but also allow them to recognize them in sight and make correlations of the letters in everyday things.

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To make letters out of other materials, consider items such as pipe cleaners, yarn and crafting pompoms. Begin by asking the child how he would create the letter out of the material. If he encounters a difficulty, either show the child how to create the letter, or navigate the steps together, depending on age. For an added step to the project, fasten completed letters to paper or poster board, and encourage the child to draw or name items that begin with the specific letter.

Activities where a child can "eat the alphabet" include eating foods that begin with each letter. Begin with one letter per day, such as eating an apple, or choose several sequential letters per day, adding items that include bananas or carrots. For a different take on the activity, use alphabet cookie cutters to prepare cheese, thin bread or items such as melon. Discuss what each letter is, and ask what words begin with that letter.

Alphabet scavenger hunts are ideal as an indoor or outdoor activity. Begin with "a," or randomly choose letters so the participant cannot plan ahead. Survey the location of the hunt, checking that there are, in fact, items for the letters you want to use. Announcing one letter at a time, the participant finds an item that begins with the letter.

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