What Are Some Examples of Family Tree Designs?


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Lines connecting rectangles, photographs arranged on the wall and variations of foliage-themed artwork are ways to design a family tree. Those who are artistic or creative may design a family tree themselves, whereas tech-savvy individuals may use computer software to generate family tree designs.

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About.com offers simple guidance for designing family trees and breaks down do-it-yourself options, such as the line connecting boxes or the classic arbor layouts. SmartDraw is suggested as software that assists with the drawing, but still allows the user to be in control of the design. Other types of computer software to assist with family tree design include Family Tree Super Tools and Legacy Charting Companion. Some family tree designs available with this software include bow tie, hourglass and fan.

Individuals can also hire a calligrapher or artist to create a family tree to achieve a more professional-looking design. These skilled professionals can take any vision and make it pristine, and the cost depends on the complexity of the project. Pinterest.com offers fun and innovative designs for family trees, including frames and living room walls. PrakticIdea.com walks users through various designs using family photographs. This design works for the immediate family, but can be more challenging the farther back one goes in their ancestry.

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