What Are Some Examples of Families in Scottish Clans?


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Abercromby, Bannatyne, Guthrie, Henderson and Lockhart are examples of Scottish clans officially recognized by the Court of Lord Lyon, according to ElectricScotland.com. Additional names are MacDuff, Somerville, Turnbull and Wallace. There are more than 350 Scottish clans listed on ScotClan.com.

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Different Scottish clans can share the same family name, such as MacDonald or Campbell. Three different Campbell clans and four different MacDonald clans are listed on ElectricScotland.com, which notes that clan names frequently vary in spelling. Although the word "clan" is Gaelic for "family," not everyone in a clan is necessarily related to one another, according to VisitScotland.com. Some clans are associated with particular regions of Scotland, according to VisitScotland.com. These include the MacLeods of Skye, the MacNeils of Barra, and the MacNabs of St. Filian on Loch Earn.

ElectricScotland.com and ScotClans.com allow users to search their family names to see if there is a clan connection. Clans such as Borthwick, Boyle, Drummond, Dunbar and Lindsay can be traced as far back as the 11th century, according to ScotWeb.com, which lists family histories for dozens of Scottish clans. The clan system was firmly entrenched in the Scottish Highlands by the 13th century, and clan chiefs held a significant amount of power over the land they controlled, according to VisitScotland.com.

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