What Is an Example of a Good Daily Menu for Toddlers?


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A good day's menu for a healthy toddler might include oatmeal cereal cooked with whole milk and served with sliced fruit, whole grain toast and sliced chicken sausage for breakfast. An apple or banana provides a healthy snack between breakfast and lunch. At lunch, a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with lettuce and tomato slices along with a small bottle of orange juice or spring water is healthy and nutritious.

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Mixed nuts and dried fruit or the toddler's favorite whole grain cereal serves as a hearty mid-afternoon snack. Later at dinner a challenge may be presented as toddlers generally have difficulty eating the same things the rest of the family is eating, especially in the evening. Additionally toddlers tend to eat less as the day progresses. Customize dinner for a toddler by serving vegetable salad mixed with shredded cheese and raisins along with a piece of grilled chicken, with ketchup or barbecue sauce for dipping..

A good daily menu for toddlers consists of the necessary servings of whole grain, fruit, vegetables, protein and calcium-rich dairy products while simultaneously stimulating toddlers' taste buds and keeping them interested in good food. The aim is to provide the toddlers with appropriate portions taken from each food group throughout the day.

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