What Essentials Should Be Packed in a Diaper Bag?


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A well-stocked diaper bag should have care-giving staples, including diapers, diaper rash ointment, wipes, disposal bags, a changing pad, burping cloths, bottles, pacifiers, food, snacks and baby toys. Storing extra clothes helps parents stay prepared for messes, while a travel blanket is useful for swaddling and breastfeeding babies on the go.

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Hygiene items are essential for keeping a baby's immediate environment sanitary. Parents should pack at least one diaper for every hour of travel and plenty of bags to store soiled materials. Wipes and hand sanitizer let parents keep their child clean, clear away spills and take care of their own hygiene needs when changing diapers.

Depending on the age and diet of the child, a diaper bag should have extra bottles or cups of milk, water, formula or juice. Jarred baby food or simple finger foods may be necessary when families are on long outings, and spoons should be packed when appropriate. Parents can also bring bibs to keep the baby's clothes clean during feeding.

A basic first aid kit with pain relievers, bandages and ointments can satisfy minor health needs. Packing an identification card with contact details enable parents to prepare for unexpected emergencies and tells strangers where to return a lost bag. Parents can include their phone number, address, emergency contact and physician details.

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