What Are Some Epiphany Activities for Children?


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Some Epiphany, or Three Kings Day, activities for children include making beanbag kings, drawing or coloring in pictures of kings and preparing sleeping boxes for the three kings' mythical camels that children can set by their beds as they sleep. Since the star, which the three kings, or Magi, followed to Bethlehem, is an important symbol of this Christian festival, it could be a central motif for children's arts and crafts activities.

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Decorating an Epiphany party area with a variety of star shapes is a good example. This might involve buying decorations that children can attach to the ceiling. Children could also work together to make one big star as a focal point, perhaps using their hands dipped in paint to create hand-print star shapes.

Another activity for children is a treasure hunt in which all of the objects to find are "stars." For example, candy like Starburst, Galaxy and Milky Way can be hidden around the party area for children to find. A star-themed quiz, with questions on Star Trek, Star Wars and astronomy, is another option.

For something more energetic, children can be asked to do star jumps, arrange themselves in the form of a star, open and close their hands to represent twinkling stars or toss around a makeshift star made of glittery wool.

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