How Do You Entertain Your Kids While Laying Down?


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Games, books, crafts, drawing and having kids play pretend are all great way to keep children entertained while you're laying down. The variety of ways to entertain your kids from a fully reclined position can range from minimal involvement to requiring your full attention.

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Young children can be easily entertained by small role-playing games such as having them pretend to be a dog and playing fetch or asking them to pretend to be the doctor and you be the patient. Setting up a tent or fort allows kids to make-believe they are camping or playing house while providing you a place to lie down. New books or coloring projects may also keep a child busy without much effort. Asking a child to read a well-known book or elaborate on what the book is saying or showing is a good way to keep him or her occupied and expand the child's imagination. Another way to entertain your kids while lying down is to ask them to put on a play or dance. This down-time is also a good chance to teach children letters, numbers, shapes and other lessons. Board games or computer games are easy ways to entertain kids and can be done lying down. Depending on the game, participation may be required. Of course, movies are always a sure-fire way to capture a child's attention.

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