How Do You Encourage Your Kids to Learn Sight Words Painlessly?


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To encourage kids to learn sight words painlessly, provide them with opportunities to learn the words in fun and exciting ways. Childhood 101 provides many examples including allowing children to use a flashlight to find sight words in the dark or playing with foam hearts with sight words on them in the bath tub.

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Childhood 101 also offers other examples of how to get kids to learn sight words painlessly. Write sight words on seashells. Nurture Store suggests playing games with the seashells or putting them in a sight words sensory tub. This is a container of rice with magnetic letters in it, as well. No Time for Flashcards offers the idea of writing sight words on a piece of rectangular paper with a line through the middle of the paper. Put one sight word on each side of the line.

The game is played similarly to the game of dominoes. Two players race to see who can end up beating the other player to the finish line. To place a card down, one of the sight words has to match one that is already down on the table or floor space that is being played on. Players can play against each other or individually.

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