What Are Some Empowering Slogans About Youth?

Some empowering slogans about youth include Sir Herbert Read's quote that great changes in society begin in the minds of the young and Robert Kennedy's statement that the world needs youthful imagination and courage. Other empowering slogans about youth include Martin Almada's statement that the youth carry the "brave torch of human rights" and Kofi Annan's statement that youth need the opportunity to participate in society because the youth of a society can bring development and peace.

Annan also said that the youth of the world should be at the front of innovation and changes in society. He said that if a society marginalizes its youth, the society impoverishes itself. Annan described youth as the lifeline of a society. He urged society to include children in societal change from their birth.

Kennedy said that youth is not just a period in life, but rather that youth is a state of mind. The youth of the world are courageous, Kennedy said. He went on to say that the young often prefer an adventure over something that is comfortable but easy, and that society benefits from this mindset.

Another empowering slogan about youth is Almada's slogan that says that even unemployed youth have the ability to impact the world. Almada says that the youth carry human rights forward in a way that impacts the future. Youth from both cities and the countryside can make a difference for human rights, says Almada. Sir Herbert Read goes even further to say that great change in society only comes from the minds of children.