What Are Elmer the Elephant Activities?


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Elmer the Elephant activities are learning exercises for children based on the book "Elmer" by David McKee. The book has been made into a series and features a patchwork elephant named Elmer. Through the book and the series, children learn that it is okay to be different.

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Elmer activities use illustrations of the elephant's patchwork body as a method to teach children subjects such as colors, letters, weather and days of the week. Children learn colors through color-by-number activities in which each patch of the elephant's body is labeled with a different number which corresponds to a color.

Elmer is described as a cheeky character with many friends, like his cousin Wilbur, who loves practical jokes, and Rose, a blushing pink elephant. The first book was published in 1989 and became a modern classic. It sold over 2 million copies and is the strongest seller in the Elmer series.

Other books in the series include "Elmer's Colors," "Elmer's Weather," "Elmer's Friends," "Elmer's Day" and "Elmer's New Friend." The books are available in printed format and multiple digital formats. They are published in the United Kingdom by Andersen Press and in the United States by Harper Collins. The series has sold nearly 5 million copies in 40 languages.

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