How Do You Do Elimination Communication?

How Do You Do Elimination Communication?

During elimination communication, you watch your baby for signs that he needs to use the bathroom, then encourage him to use the toilet by holding him on it as he relieves himself. During the process, repeat some sort of sound or phrase to link the act with the toilet.

  1. Watch for signs

    Most children show some sign that they need to relieve themselves. After a baby eats, or when he first wakes up, are common times to use the bathroom.

  2. Hold the baby over the toilet

    If the baby has not gone yet, hold him on the toilet until he does. If he has already relieved himself, accept this without anger. Avoid stress, and maintain a positive attitude. Remain calm, and try again at another time. If he hasn't yet eliminated, hold him on the toilet until he does.

  3. Repeat a linking sound or phrase

    By repeating a sound or phrase with the act of going to the bathroom on the toilet, the child associates that sound with his impulse to go, which helps him control when and where he relieves himself. The process of elimination communication can begin early, between birth and four months of age, though most parents wait until the baby is about 24 months old.