What Are Some Eight-Letter Names?


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There are hundreds of names that contain eight letters. Some examples of eight-letter names for boys include Garrison, Emmanuel and Jeremiah. Girl's names with the same number of letters are Cathleen, Julianna and Paulette.

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As of 2014, BabyNames1000.com has a database of 7,005 names, with 614 names having eight letters. Of those 614 names with eight letters, 258 are names for boys, 391 are names for girls, and 35 are appropriate for boys or girls.

NamePlayground.com has a similar database that lists 582 names containing eight letters. The site offers statistical information on each name. Site visitors have access to the name's current popularity, the average age of the individual with the name, and the year when the name ranked highest in popularity. The name "Jennifer," for example, is mostly given to girls. But 0.27 percent of people with the name happen to be male. Jennifer began to rise in popularity for girls in 1938.

People interested in the origin of names can find this information online as well. According to Behind the Name, the eight-letter name "Jennifer" originates from the Cornish form of the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar. It was George Bernard Shaw's 1906 play "The Doctor's Dilemma" that contributed to the name's rise in popularity outside the Cornwall region.

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