What Are Some Effective Parenting Tips?


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Effective parenting tips include praising children's accomplishments to make them feel proud and letting children independently do things, allowing them to feel capable. These acts work to increase children's self-esteem. Additional ways to build self-esteem are to acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes and that love is not based on actions of right or wrong.

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Other tips are to set limits and to maintain consistency with discipline. Limits help children grow into responsible adults. Established rules allow kids to understand expectations and develop self-control. Some rules may be "no hitting," "no name calling" or "no hurtful teasing allowed." Discipline systems can be helpful in setting expectations. For example, unwanted behavior can first receive a warning, followed by a consequence, such as a loss of privileges.

Other tips include making time for children and being a good role model. Making time can be as simple as waking up 10 minutes earlier to share breakfast or scheduling a special night each week to spend time together. Being a good role model means exhibiting desirable traits, such as respect, friendliness, honesty, kindness and tolerance.

Additionally, effective parents make communication a priority. Explaining helps kids understand values and motives and to learn in a nonjudgmental way. Expectations should be clear, and if there is a problem it can be addressed by expressing feelings and inviting the child to work on the solution with her parent. Consequences should be included in the conversation, and the parent can make suggestions and offer choices. When a child participates in a decision, he is more motivated to carry it out.

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