What Are Some Effective Methods for Teaching a Child to Tie His Shoes?


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The traditional "around-the-tree" technique, the two-loop or "bunny ears" method, and the "magic fingers" technique are some effective ways to teach a child to tie his shoes. The most effective technique depends on the child. Some children easily memorize the steps involved in a standard shoe lace knot and pick up this method quickly, while others have no trouble mimicking the magic fingers technique and prefer it over others. All three methods begin with a left-over-right starting knot.

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The standard shoe lace knot involves creating a loop with the right lace, encircling it with the left lace, and then pulling the left lace through the opening formed by the two laces. This traditional technique has several steps, and some children have trouble remembering which way to wrap the laces.

The two-loop knot is easier to teach, but this technique does not always produce securely tied shoelaces. The child makes loops with both shoelaces, crosses the right loop over the left and pulls it through to produce the finished knot.

The magic fingers technique works well for both right- and left-handed children, and involves minimal steps. With this method, the shoelaces go over the thumbs and forefingers of the respective hands. The child twists his fingers to create loops in each lace and pulls the loops through to complete the knot.

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