What Are Some Educational Things for Kids to Do?


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Some educational activities for kids include cooking, making musical instruments, rock collecting and starting a book club. These activities can help kids develop useful skills, such as creativity, socialization and organization.

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Learning to cook or bake simple recipes is a useful activity that can teach kids to follow directions, understand measurements and learn about kitchen safety. Websites such as Cooking with Kids offer simple recipes that children can follow along with parents.

Making a musical instrument from simple household items is an inexpensive way for children to express their creativity and develop an interest in music. Using common craft items, kids can create box guitars, rain sticks, rattles and maracas. The process can teach kids basic crafting principles and how to follow specific directions. Websites such as EnchantedLearning.com offer instructions for creating simple instruments.

Collecting rocks around the home or neighborhood is a useful activity to help kids learn about geology, identification, organization and cataloging. Kids can purchase rock collecting guides or check them out from the library. The U.S. Geological Survey offers resources for children interested in starting rock collections. Rock collecting can be performed almost anywhere and encourages kids to go outside.

Starting a book club in the neighborhood is a useful opportunity for kids to meet friends and discuss a book. A club can help with reading skills, communication and socialization. Parents and children can have their own book clubs if no other readers are available in the neighborhood.

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