What Are Some Easy Ways to Fall Asleep As a Teen?

To help teenagers get the recommended nine to ten hours of sleep each night, ensure that loud music and stimulating activities are avoided in the evenings in order to help the mind relax. Other helpful suggestions include reducing the teen's intake of caffeine drinks, especially during the early evening, and ensuring exercise is part of the teen's daily routine. Setting is important as well, and providing a relaxing environment to sleep in can make a big difference.

Establishing the same nightly routine helps the brain to accept that it is time for sleep. This routine can include having a warm milky drink or taking a bath or shower. Having a set time to start winding down gives the mind a chance to reduce or eliminate the racing thoughts which often keep one awake long past an appropriate bedtime.

Darkness is also helpful. Teens should avoid bright screens prior to sleep, and they should sleep in a room that has curtains that cut out the light and contains no flashing lights. Try to ensure that the bedroom is sleep-friendly by providing a comfortable bed, pillows and room temperature. Peace and quiet are essential.

Additional tips include teaching teens about the negative effects of sleep deprivation, and talking with them to ensure that they are not worried about any underlying problems, such as bullying or concerns about school work. Letting teens know that someone is there for them at all times helps to promote feelings of safety and happiness, which can make it easier to fall asleep.