What Is the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum?


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The early years foundation stage curriculum is a specified combination of play-based activities designed to teach foundational skills like math and reading. This standardized educational curriculum was developed by the United Kingdom for children under 5 years old.

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All education providers and day care centers in the United Kingdom must implement and instruct the EYFS curriculum. The curriculum includes play activities designed to introduce and improve skills in math, reading, language, world studies and art, in addition to fostering motor skills.

The communicative component of the curriculum helps children learn to express themselves appropriately and to listen to others. The reading component teaches children numbers and letters and introduces them to a wide variety of literature. In mathematics, children learn numbers and counting as well as shapes. Children learn to understand the world through exploring their environment and establishing appropriate peer relationships. The expressive art and design programs encourage children to explore music, art and technology. Educators tailor the curriculum to meet the individual needs and abilities of each child and work with parents if there are any areas of concern for a specific child.

The goal of the EYFS curriculum is to ensure that children under 5 years old receive the same education no matter where they attend school in the United Kingdom. Consistency and equal opportunity of education are primary goals of the program. Professionals assess children at various intervals during their participation in the EYFS Curriculum.

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