How Do You Draw up Babysitting Contracts?


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The relationship between an employer and a babysitter is also a business one, and as such, it requires a contract that specifies the employer's and babysitter's rights and responsibilities. The employer draws up such a contract by writing an explanation of the rights and responsibilities both parties have agreed to honor.

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A written babysitting contract is a legally binding agreement that can be used in court. Writing the contract requires an understanding of what is expected of both the babysitter and the employer. Considerations such as hours, pay rate and pay raise schedules, vacation and sick leave should be specified. The payment schedule and the employer's policy for tax withholding should also be included.

Additional issues that should be agreed on in the contract include a list of the babysitter's responsibilities, as well as activities the babysitter is expected to participate in, such as outings and classes. Explaining the types of discipline the employer allows is important as well. The babysitter's responsibilities during down time should also be covered; whereas some babysitters are expected to clean, do laundry or cook while children nap, for instance, others are not. The contract should also specify whether the babysitter will be paid extra for watching additional children who visit the employer's home.

If any doubt exists that the contract is valid and binding, the sitter or the employer should ask an attorney to review it.

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