How Do You Draw a Family Tree?

How Do You Draw a Family Tree?

Prepare to draw a family tree by collecting and categorizing family history information. Gather the resources and art supplies necessary to complete the project. Draw the family tree based on the collected information, using a set of pedigree symbols or a template.

  1. Gather family history information

    Use personal recollection, photographs, documents or social media to get as much information as you can. Ask living relatives for information on other relatives and deceased ancestors.

  2. Categorize the information

    Choose the desired set of categories in which to organize the information, and arrange accordingly. Categorizing the information makes the process more efficient and also reduces the chances of including inaccurate information.

  3. Decide the drawing method and obtain supplies

    Choose a style for drawing the family tree, such as pencil drawing or painting. Gather the necessary supplies for the desired method.

  4. Choose a style reference

    Obtain a sample of the official pedigree symbols or a template in order to design the family tree drawing. Pedigree symbols and templates are provided by several sources online. offers a variety of family tree templates at no cost.

  5. Draw the family tree

    Using the gathered family history information, draw the family tree according to the chosen style reference.