Why Don't Teenagers Like to Read?

As of 2014, one of the main reasons teens for the decline in teen interest in reading is their easy access to digital media and tools. Teens have become accustomed to receiving quick bits of information through online articles, text messages and social media. Teens also have greater access to film and television entertainment.

A general reason teens don't read is because they get caught up in social activities and academic demands. Teens don't have as much interest in reading for pleasure when they are required to read for classes at school. Many teens also participate in sports and extracurricular activities, which tax their time and energy for reading. During the free time they do have, teenagers often prefer to hang out with friends and engage in social settings. Reading is typically done in isolation or private time.

Computers, web surfing and video games have also taken up some of the free time that teens in previous generations used to allocate to reading. Reading requires an extended period of concentration, while web surfing and gaming are activities that teens can start and stop without putting much mental energy into. Many teens also take a general view that reading is boring, uncool and unproductive.