What Are the Different Steps to Adoption?


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Steps to adoption include considering the four types of adoption, namely adopting from the foster care system, adopting from another country, adopting a stepchild and adopting an infant in the United States, according to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Prospective adoptive families should contact several licensed agencies regarding fees, procedures and length of the process, recommends the National Adoption Center, which offers AdoptMatch and AdoptSpeak to help families connect with adoption agencies and other families in their areas.

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The first steps in adopting from the foster care system include attending orientation and completing the application process, reports AdoptUSKids. Agency representatives conduct home studies and background checks to ensure fitness of the family and the environment to receive a new child into the family, notes the National Adoption Center.

Additional steps include contacting the child's agency upon finding a prospect and exchanging information, states the National Adoption Center. Sometimes an agency may consider applications from several families. The child's caseworker selects the family that most closely represents the best placement for the child.

After the child's worker selects a family, the family and child meet several times while paperwork is completed to take the child into the new home, explains the National Adoption Center. The adoption agency works with the adoptive parents for several months as they prepare to legally finalize the adoption in court.

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