What Is the Difference Between Sending a Child to Daycare or Keeping Him Home?


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Sending a child to daycare may be beneficial because it provides a structured environment for the child as well as an opportunity for the child to socialize. However, it requires the parents to conform with all the center's policies. Children at a daycare center may also be more susceptible to disease because they are exposed to more germs.

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A daycare's main advantage is that it provides a formal environment in which a child can grow and learn. Daycare centers are generally more affordable than hiring a nanny, and their policies are very clear. Parents know exactly what is required of them before signing up for a daycare. They also provide parents with an opportunity to meet other parents who may be able to provide support or babysitting services in the future. Daycare can offer more stability because parents don't need to work around someone else's schedule or worry about a nanny getting sick.

On the other hand, parents must ensure that a daycare center is able to provide adequate care for their child. The best way to do this is to make sure the ratio of children to caregivers stays relatively small, preferably with no more than 12 children in one group and with no fewer than two caregivers assigned to a group of 12 children.

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