What Is the Difference Between Group Family Day Care and Family Day Care Providers?

What To Expect reports the difference between group family day care and family day care providers. Both are located in the childcare provider's home. The difference is that a group family day care is allowed to have up to twelve children at one time while a family day care is allowed to have up to five children.

What To Expect provides some benefits of using a family or group family day care. They both offer a home setting for children to spend their time instead of a classroom or center-based facility. The benefit of using a family day care instead of a group family day care is that the child care provider has fewer children to care for which allows children to receive more individualized attention.

Family day care also often times costs less than a center-based day care or nanny. The downside to selecting an in-home provider for childcare is that when the childcare provider is sick, on vacation, or requires time off for any reason, the parent will have to find alternative childcare arrangements. This can be a difficult position especially when the childcare provider notifies the parents of their leave on a short notice. However when notice is provided, it may be easier to find back-up childcare.