What Is a Diaper Cake?


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A diaper cake consists of rolled baby diapers arranged in a cake-like structure. Diaper cakes are often given as gifts for baby showers. The diaper arrangement may include ribbons and small baby gifts, such as stuffed animals or rattles, tucked into the diapers as cake decorations.

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The diaper cake construction begins by rolling diapers from the elastic waistband to the opposite end. Rubber bands keep the diapers from unrolling. The number of diapers used depends on the size of the cake. The diapers stand upright in a circular pattern on a cardboard cake circle or similar sturdy base. Larger rubber bands hold the diapers in the cake shape.

Diaper cakes are often multiple layers or tiers, similar to a wedding cake. Each layer is slightly smaller than the one below it and has its own cake circle to support the shape.

Decorations are added to the cake once the basic structure is finished. A wide, decorative ribbon running horizontally around each layer covers the rubber band holding the diapers in place. Bows and flowers are also popular decorations. Diaper cakes often feature a decorative topper in the form of a stuffed animal, pair of baby shoes or similar item. Additional gifts can adorn lower levels.

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