How Developed Is a Fetus at 32 Weeks?


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By the 32nd week of gestation, fetuses have typically developed hair, which may be either full or just fuzzy like the surface of a peach, according to BabyCenter. Their fingernails and toenails have also developed, as well as their bones although these are not yet hardened. At this stage of the pregnancy, the fetus begins to store the minerals iron, calcium and phosphorus.

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During the 32nd week, and between the 31st and 34th more generally, the rate of fetus growth increases. It gains most of its weight during this period. Breathing also becomes more rhythmic, although the full development of the lungs requires additional time, as noted by MedlinePlus.

It is normal for the growth spurt of the fetus to cause discomfort, since the added weight will put pressure on organs by pushing the uterus up into the area of the abdomen and diaphragm. Some common discomforts include heartburn, incontinence and slight breathing difficulties. These symptoms are not typically a cause for concern.

Some babies may be born as early as the 32nd week, and this is by no means a cause for concern. A baby born at this stage has an extremely high chance of survival without health complications, as reported by the Parents website.

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