How Do You Determine Sock Sizes for Children?

Sock sizes for children, like sock sizes for adults, are determined based on shoe size. Although the two sizes are related, they are not the same.

  1. Measure the feet

    Measure your child's feet from toe to heel. Then measure from side to side at the foot's widest point. Make sure to measure both feet, as feet are not always the same size.

  2. Write down the measurements

    Once you have measured both the length and width of each foot, note the measurements in inches.

  3. Compare measurements to a shoe size chart

    Use a free online shoe size chart to determine your child's shoe size based on the measurements you made. If one foot is a larger size, use that size to determine sock size.

  4. Compare shoe size to a sock size chart

    Use the shoe size to determine sock size with a free online sock size chart in order to find the correct sock size.