How Do You Deal With a Violent Toddler?


A parent can deal with a violent toddler by staying calm, following up with logical consequences, setting clear limits and disciplining consistently, according to BabyCenter. She can also teach alternatives to her toddler and reward good behavior.

Aggressive behavior normally occurs as a toddler grows, explains BabyCenter. Toddlers feel a strong desire to be independent and experience undeveloped impulse control that makes them physically aggressive.

When dealing with an aggressive toddler, a parent must stay cool and avoid yelling, hitting or severely reprimanding the child, says BabyCenter. The right way to handle the situation is to follow up with a reasonable consequence. For example, if a toddler joins a group of children playing with sand and starts hitting other children to get their buckets, a parent needs to remove the toddler from the situation immediately. It is best to sit down with him, let him watch the other kids play and explain that he can join back in when he is ready to have fun without hurting others.

Toddlers don't have the cognitive maturity to empathize, but they can understand consequences. A parent must respond quickly whenever a toddler is aggressive. By responding to each violent episode the same way, the toddler can recognize the predictable consequence and soon realizes that violence is unacceptable. It also helps to praise a child for exhibiting good behavior instead of focusing only on bad actions.