How Do You Deal With an Annoying Mother-In-Law?


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It is important to have a positive, tolerant and understanding attitude if one wants to best deal with an annoying mother-in-law for a lifetime. One must be willing to discuss important issues with the mother-in-law in a clear, calm manner in order to gain understanding and handle problems in the relationship.

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According to Dr. Phil, it is important to set boundaries to keep in-laws in line, and one must be willing to change the boundaries set if issues occur. Setting boundaries early is important to keep a nosy mother-in-law out of the life of her married child. Couples must decide on the role that they want in-laws to have to keep everyone on the same page. One should discuss their mother-in-law issues with their spouse to find ways to establish a more peaceful extended-family existence.

Some mother-in-laws may not recognize that they are annoying, so pulling her to the side to have a private conversation may be warranted to improve family matters. Spouses should aim to keep troubles in the household private to avoid clashing with a dabbling mother-in-law. A spouse must remember to never blame their mate for a mother-in-law?s actions and try to maintain a peaceful marriage. If possible, one should avoid cutting out a mother-in-law completely, even for peace of mind. Avoiding the sensitive, controversial subjects that can peak a monster mother-in-law?s interest is wise to prevent family squabbles.

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